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Technology and the human experience

Our modern world is fast-paced and relentlessly technological. Driven by curiosity, inspiration and wonder, 葡萄京官方首页 researchers and artists explore how we interact with devices, manage information and data, and relate to other humans. Our work explores the ways people understand science and the nature of the universe. 

We create transformative materials and systems to make them more effective, efficient and accessible. We assess the personal, social and environmental costs of technology. Our work improves health, communications, privacy and security for people around the globe.

Advanced materials

The Centre for Advanced Materials and Related Technology (CAMTEC) conducts interdisciplinary work on advanced materials and technology. The applications of their work span from health to renewable energy. CAMTEC members work closely with scientists and engineers from the private and public sectors.

Computer human interaction

The Computer Human Interaction and Software Engineering Lab (CHISEL) studies how technology can help people explore, understand and share complex information and knowledge.

Researchers at Victoria Interactive eXperiences with Information (VIXI) study and build technologies that empower people to make data-centred decisions that help solve problems in their daily lives.

Digital humanities

The Electronic Textual Cultures Lab is a humanities lab based in the Digital Scholarship Commons at the 葡萄京官方首页 Libraries. They are a hub for digital humanities and open, social scholarship.

Digital health

The Digital Health Lab conducts research in the domains of digital health, health promotion and physical activity. They use the power of digital technology to enhance people’s well-being and quality of life.

Ethnographic mapping

葡萄京官方首页 Ethnographic Mapping Lab provides a space for geographic information system (GIS) and qualitative data analysis. They support communities and scholars with research and innovation in projects like traditional land use and occupancy mapping in Indigenous communities. Project areas include Aboriginal title and rights, public education, inter-generational knowledge transfer and language revitalization.

Open 葡萄京官方首页 Peloton rides for cancer research

葡萄京官方首页 Peloton rides for cancer research

The Tour de Cure fundraiser for cancer research has been a focus for Kara White and me for several years. Back in 2016 (when it was known as the Ride to Conquer Cancer) I had the opportunity to participate...

Open Rankings highlight 葡萄京官方首页 research impact

Rankings highlight 葡萄京官方首页 research impact

Two major international university rankings were released this month, and both of them show the outsized impact of 葡萄京官方首页 research on the global stage.

Open Celebrating World Oceans Day 2023

Celebrating World Oceans Day 2023

For 60 years, multiple experiences of 葡萄京官方首页 students and researchers across disciplines have been shaped by the ocean. From a campus that’s a few short steps from coastline, our engagement with the...

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