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Feature stories

Stories, profiles and interviews with 葡萄京官方首页 alumni and features from the 葡萄京官方首页 Torch magazine.

Comic relief

September 20, 2023

Richard Van Camp reflects on the comic book that saved his life, then inspired his writing career—and the ever-growing garden of Indigenous literature.

Smarter streaming

August 8, 2023

葡萄京官方首页 Writing alumnus and tech innovator Daniel Sieberg wants to make the remote obsolete with a new tool that harnesses the magic of AI to help take the stress out of deciding what to stream.

Lending a lifeline

May 29, 2023

葡萄京官方网站 researchers across disciplines are teaming up to staunch the loss of lives from toxic-drug poisoning, including forging state-of-the-art techniques to check drugs

Bringing Haida home

May 26, 2023

Distinguished alumna Lucy Bell Sdahl Ḵ’awaas is a leader in repatriating Haida Ancestral remains, cultural artifacts and art.

Diamond in the rough

May 26, 2023

A degree in Theatre set the stage for Emily Bailey’s work as a certified mine rescuer in BC’s north and as a member of Diamonds in the Rough, an all-female rescue team.

English degree sparks career in emergency

May 26, 2023

Humanities grad Erin Stockill built upon skills gained at 葡萄京官方首页 to become a key player in emergency management and preparedness for the District of Saanich.

Putting responders first

May 26, 2023

葡萄京官方首页 professor and alumna Lynneth Stuart-Hill and graduate student Thomas Service are studying ways to protect emergency personnel from harms they face on the job.

Strength in language

May 26, 2023

Belinda kakiyosēw Daniels, assistant professor in the Department of Indigenous Education at 葡萄京官方首页, is teaching the next generation of nehiyawewin (Cree) language keepers as a way to reclaim...

Saving sight

May 24, 2023

葡萄京官方网站 alumna Bridget Ryan and biology professor Bob Chow are working on a gene therapy to halt the progression of Stargardt disease, which causes blindness, often beginning in...

More than bedpans

April 20, 2023

A surprise life event led 葡萄京官方首页 Nursing grad Melanie Stack from the bedside to the boardroom—navigating the choppy waters of pandemic planning.

My business

We profile enterprises run by 葡萄京官方首页 alumni.

Creating planet-positive solutions

September 6, 2023

Science grad Parmjot Gill co-founded Kite, a venture studio that helps work through problems to create world-class companies and a cleaner, more sustainable resource industry

Leading the charge

July 24, 2023

BCom grad Andrew Johns is helping drivers go electric with a new network of charging stations

Distill my beating heart

April 20, 2023

Mechanical Engineering grads Darcy Lane, BEng ’06, and Brandon Fry, BEng ’10, are helping fuel the craft distilling revival with their custom-made stills

Ask an expert

We learn useful tips and life hacks from 葡萄京官方首页 alumni.


June 19, 2023

Bestselling author and Writing alumna Gail Anderson-Dargatz delivers some need-to-know tips to start up a literary novel or a fast-paced thriller

Alum shares tips on mental wellness

April 20, 2023

葡萄京官方首页 triple grad and campus counsellor Adam Tran offers up some life hacks on caring for your health and well-being.

Cyber security expert offers life hacks

April 19, 2023

葡萄京官方首页 double grad Nav Bassi shares his dos and don'ts when it comes protecting yourself online. 


We profile 葡萄京官方首页 alumni who recently made a bold life change.

A kind word for social workers

April 20, 2023

Social worker Amy Pinnell left public service to start her own business, sharing messages and products to ease the load of her colleagues in the field.

Vox alumni

Alumni share stories in their own words.

Different fires

May 24, 2023

How a return to wildfire fighting in BC helped Writing grad Kelly Bouchard reboot from the stress and exhaustion of his work with Toronto’s homeless.

Wheels, words and healing

April 20, 2023

Martin Bauman discovered the life-changing power of stories during a cross-country bike ride for mental health.